Woocommerce Limit One Product Purchase Plugin

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Woocommerce Limit One Product Purchase Plugin


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Choose to allow a product to only be purchased once. This is a per product setting not per order. Set a product to only be purchased once, then after a customer has purchased this item they will no longer be able to add the item to the cart and purchase again.

UPDATE 1.2.0  12/20/14

  • Added Option for entering your own “Purchased” text that the customer will see.
  • Added Support for Variable Products
  • Added Support for Grouped Products
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Product Description

Woocommerce limit one purchase plugin!

Do you want to limit some of your products to be purchasable once per customer? Woocommerce limit one plugin was developed for that same reason.

Once Woocommerce limit one is installed the option shows up under each product in the general settings tab. It is located on the general tab when you are editing a product.

Woocommerce limit one is great for running promotions, discounted try out products, digital items, the list goes on. Once a customer purchases one of your products that you have set to only purchasable once, the next time they view that product they will not be able to add it to the cart or purchase that product.

Woocommerce limit one FAQs:

  • This is a per product setting which can be enabled and disabled.
  • Once a customer purchases this product with this setting active, they will never be able to purchase that product again, unless you turn the setting off.
  • Easy to use one setting per product.

FAQS 1.2.0:

  • Grouped Product, when enabling grouped products to only be purchasable once. Its best to create dedicated products for your grouped product. As this will be triggered if any of the products in the grouped product have been purchased. If they are dedicated grouped products, the only way a customer could purchase one of them is if they purchased your grouped product. Otherwise if you use other simple products as a grouped product item, if they purchased one of those products before it will trigger and not allow the customer to purchase your grouped product.
  • Variable Products, this is not per variable setting, if set to purchasable only once it will trigger if any of the variations have been purchased for that product. This option is good if you only want a customer to purchase a product once but have different delivery options, say a download vs physical item. Or however you want to use it, just remember it is based on if the variable product has been purchased and not related to its variations, colors, sizes, etc what ever your variations might be.

1 review for Woocommerce Limit One Product Purchase Plugin

  1. Kenneth R
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a great example of some of the great plugins that PNW puts together. It’s extremely useful and well supported. +++

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