2103, 2014

Woocommerce Product and Attribute Import Plugin Released

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Just released a new plugin for importing products and attribute/variations. Check it out on the shop page and download it for free.

505, 2013

Woocommerce V2.0.# tax calculation fix.

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UPDATE: This is no longer needed with the latest version of the plugin…

After 2.0.# woocommerce made yet another update and changed the way taxes are calculated. They are now looked up based on the City Name, and Zip Code. This caused a problem when using these csv files provided by as not all of […]

1303, 2013

Woocommerce Tax Rate Plugin Updated to V2.0

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I have released an update to v2.0 for the woocommerce tax rate plugin to work with woocommerce 2.0. I have also added a few new features that allow you to see how many zip codes rates you are using, and how many rates per state you are using. Also added a feature that allows you […]

1202, 2013

woocommerce local tax rate plugin

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We have released a free plugin to be used with woocommerce to automatically upload and update your local tax rates based on zip codes. We had a client that was looking for this feature and there were no plugins available and woocommerce does not have it built in.


After researching around about this it seemed like […]

401, 2013

Savvy Chore Charts

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I highly recommend using PNW Design for your next Website creation – Before using PNW Design I had one other company that said they could help me but nothing was really done to get my website going so after 2 weeks of nothing I happened to google tax rates for Wa. State and found PNW […]

1508, 2012

MarkLantzRacing Redesign Launch

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PNW-Design recently was contacted to redesign mark lantz racing’s website. You can check it out at

We had a lot of fun working with them and glad we met all of there expectations.

Another happy client from the PNW.

Contact us today if you would like pnw design to work on your website.

1907, 2012

PNW News Section

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Welcome to PNW Design News/Blog. This will be a section for any kind promotions, recent work, plugins, and anything else that comes to mind. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you are looking for someone to work on your website please contact us anytime.